Best Chicago Yoga

Best Chicago Yoga There’s lots to love about The Windy City – great food, Lake Michigan, endless summer events and lots of Yoga and FREE Yoga at that! Here’s a breakdown of the [...]

Foods for Better Vision

Foods for Better Vision A few years ago I started noticing my perfect eyesight was beginning to get a little wonky. I can still read signs that are quite far away, but hold something close to my [...]

The Importance of Recovery

The Importance of Recovery This could really be a whole book, and I’m sure there are many, but I’ll try to sum up the how and why it is so important for our bodies to recover in a [...]

Hip Adductors

Hip Adductors I managed to get to 11 classes this week. It may sound like a lot, but many of them were only 1 hr. and one of them was even meditation. I love it when a yoga studio has meditation [...]

Return to Paradise – Costa Rica

Return to Paradise – Costa Rica We asked Jamie Kalynuik; Drishti Yoga Alumni, Guest Teacher (Costa Rica 2014) and Founder of Toronto Yoga Mamas and Shopbeautifully, what keeps her coming [...]

The Truth About Coffee

The Truth about Coffee Coffee gets a back rap, especially among Yogi’s. I am not going to tell you what’s best for your body and your intentions, but as a coffee drinker, I am a [...]

Best Spots for a Cocktail in Lisbon

Best Spots for a Cocktail in Lisbon Joining us in Portugal for our 100 hr. Advanced Module? You should definitely plan to spend a few days in Lisbon before or after the training. Here’s a [...]

What’s Your Travel Style?

What’s Your Travel Style? Someone recently asked what all countries I’ve been to. I feel weird answering since I never wanted to have the “check off syndrome.” You know [...]

Yoga Sculpt

What is Yoga Sculpt? I used to teach a class in Philadelphia called Yoga Sculpt. I didn’t create it, but took it over for someone else and having always been a gym rat, it quickly became [...]

The “No Yoga” Yoga Sequence

What …No Yoga? Yeah, right! When the Dr. told me the Plantar Fasciitis and the damaged tissue surrounding my heel spur needed to heal, therefore “No Yoga” for 2 weeks, I knew I [...]