Seated Forward Fold Yoga Pose Adjustments- Paschimottanasana

Have the student sit on the mat with the legs extended in front of them with the inner edges of the feet touching. On the inhale, have them extend the arms in to the air and on the exhale reach for the flexed feet. If they are unable to take a hold of the feet, have them bend their knees or use a strap. If the back is rounding a lot and if the pelvis is scooping under then have the student sit on a blanket or two.

Seated Forward Fold Yoga Pose Adjustments- Paschimottanasana

Gentle Intensity Adjustment

When adjusting a student in a Forward Fold, place your hands bellow the arch of the spine. In this Seated Forward Fold or Pachimottanasana, sit on your knees behind them and place both hands on either side of their spine at the beginning of the arch. Breathe with the student and as they exhale gently press your hands forward and down on their back.

Medium Intensity Adjustment

If the student is comfortable reaching for their feet, come behind on your knees again. This time lay your chest against their back aiming below the arch again. Have your hands on the floor on either side of their body. Breathe with the student and as they exhale press your chest forward and down on their back. Gently bring the weight back into your body and move slowly as you exit. This can be a deep forward fold so you might want to check in with your student to see if they are feeling ok.

High Intensity Adjustment

This adjustment is very deep so it is suggested that you know your student’s comfort level with assists before attempting. Squat behind your student facing away from them. Bring your tailbone to theirs and gently lay your back slowly on to their back using your hands to lower you down. Once you are back to back, straighten your legs and reach your arms over your head to reach for the soles of their feet. Pull on their feet sending you your body guiding theirs forward and down as they exhale.

If you have any questions or suggestions for additional adjustments not included here please post below!

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