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Why Costa Rica is a Green Country

Why Costa Rica is a Green Country

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You may have heard that Costa Rica is a green country. While Costa Rica is not perfect, it is widely known as being an Environmentally Green role model to countries around the world. The country is a leader in setting goals and implementing laws to protect the environment. Not only is being eco-conscious good for Mother Earth but it also impacts the well-being and happiness of the country’s inhabitants.

Ever wonder how Costa Rica is making waves with its eco-friendly initiatives? Read below to find out how.

- Setting the goal of being carbon neutral by 2021

– 25% of the land is protected forests and reserves

– Made the list of top 20 highest biodiversity in the world with 500,000 species

– Implemented a carbon tax paying $65 a hectare for not cutting down trees

– 90% of its energy comes from renewable sources

– Prohibits recreational hunting

– Designates beaches with Ecological Blue Flags if the water and sewage ranks very high or excellent for sanitation and cleanliness