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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Retreats

500 hour yoga teacher training paschimottanasana yoga pose

For those who feel ready to enter into the advanced Drishti Yoga Teacher Training course – we create a unique program that suits the individual’s strengths and desires as a teacher to help them find their own unique authentic voice.

The Advanced 500 Hour Drishti Yoga Teacher Training Program:

Drishti Yoga International offers the advanced 500 hour yoga teacher training course that is designed for those who have already successfully completed a Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training certification. These candidates are ready to delve more deeply into a powerful personal practice enhanced by fine-tuned teaching skills.

As per Yoga Alliance requirements; 500 hr. program participants are required to do a minimum of 300 of these hours in the same school. The 500 hr. Drishti student completes a full 200 hr. module training with Drishti Yoga plus completes half of another program for an additional 100 hr module to equal a total of 300 hrs.

Taking into account your previous training, we create a strong foundation based on existing experience, teaching talent and skill. Our program highlights your specific needs and interests as a student as well as your unique strengths as a teacher.

Our advanced 500 hour teacher training course highlights include:

  • Small groups and one-on-one sessions with Carri and Sarah.
  • A detailed exploration of energetics with Sarah including the Koshas and Mulabhanda and their therapeutic effects.
  • Explorations of advanced asana practices with Carri – including the teaching and practice of complex postures as well as fun and playful transitions.
  • Learn how to teach Restorative Poses with Sarah.
  • Learn how to teach Yin Poses with Carri.
  • Introduction on Prenatal Yoga with Sarah.
  • Lead afternoon Restorative and Yin Yoga sessions.
  • Apprentice in morning practice – assist and adjust other students under Carri and Sarah’s careful guidance.
  • Enjoy exotic settings and diverse community experiences.
  • Learn to teach the Ashtanga Primary Series

Drishti International Yoga Teacher Training also offers a 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered Vinyasa Yoga certification course that is augmented by roots in traditional Ashtanga Yoga. This foundation work will remain a prerequisite for more advanced training.

If you are feeling called to become a yoga instructor – or if you simply wish to delve deeper into your own personal practice – our yoga teacher training curriculum provides the depth and discipline mandatory to build a successful practice that lifts you into both physical and spiritual unity.

Combine your passion for yoga and your love of travel to create a transformational experience that will last a lifetime both on and off the mat!

Greece 2016 Yoga Teacher Training

Why Serious Yogi’s Choose our Advanced Teacher Training

  • We understand that becoming a more skillful teacher means being able to teach a solid, inspiring class while attending to everyone’s needs in the room
  • The training will increase your therapeutic knowledge while fine-tuning your ability to become sought-after as a teacher
  • Learn skills to increase the size of your groups and classes, build your brand and find your “tribe”
  • Enjoy opportunities to become more specialized and find what resonates with you
  • Absorb knowledge from some of the best yoga teachers in the world in some of the most beautiful settings in the world
  • Take advantage of potential opportunities with Drishti Yoga, and various other projects affiliated with the Drishti Global Network. This network includes connections to Vinyasa and Ashtanga networks where students are helped to find opportunities in the larger global Yoga community.


Please contact us with ANY questions you may have regarding the training – or simply connect in order to get to know us better. It is always a pleasure to speak with you.



Sarah & Carri