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November 20, 2013

3 Reasons To Do A Summer Yoga Teacher Training


1. You are a School Teacher and you have the time off to educate yourself further:

For many teachers summer is a time to unwind after a busy school year. It is also the perfect opportunity to take this time to learn something new and keep active.A Summer Yoga Teacher Training in an exotic location gives you the chance to travel, stay physically fit and to bring something new back to your classroom come fall. Yoga is being done more and more in the classroom even if it is just teaching your students to breath during a test or being mindful of their reactions in a confrontation. Empowering your students to develop a deeper mind body connection will not only benefit their growth and development but will also make your teaching job a little more Zen!

2. You are a recent College or High School Graduate and you are contemplating your next step in life:

If you have just recently graduated from a major milestone in your life it can be a daunting experience on what step to take next. With so much external and internal expectations it maybe confusing on which direction you want to take. Immersing yourself into a summer Yoga Teacher Training allows you to really listen to your intuition and reflect without external distractions. Cultivating a strong sense of self and personal discovery is part of the Yoga Teacher Training journey. Who knows maybe you can integrate mental and physical health and wellness into your career path! Take this time during your summer break for you so you will make confident choices in your next chapter.

3. You are a Parent and your Kids are away at camp- don’t you deserve some time away too?

While the number one role as a Parent is to be the best possible care giver to your children, it is as equally as important to take care of yourself. When you are strong and healthy both mentally and physically you have more to offer and give back to those who depend on you. Take the opportunity this summer while your kids are enjoying themselves at camp to dive into a Yoga Teacher Training away from daily obligations of working, cooking and cleaning. Not only will the Yoga experience afford you time to center yourself and improve your physical health but you will also gain some tools that may be helpful in navigating challenging times during Parenthood. Teaching your kids a few of the poses you learned on the training is also a great way to bond with them in a loving and healthy way!

Where do you want to do your Summer Yoga Teacher Training?

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