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Written by Carri Uranga

October 22, 2014

7 Chakra Juices & Smoothies

You may have read Sarah’s popular article on Mind Body Green – 7 Yoga Poses to Balance Your Chakras.
Now here’s 7 Chakra Juices & Smoothies to go along with those postures.

Enjoy these 7 Chakra Juices & Smoothies in conjunction with a Chakra Meditation practice and the postures featured in the article and you’ll be cleansed, balanced and ready for any upcoming adventures or day to day life challenges.

Muladhara – Red, Root Down!

Red Apple
Carrots – try various colors & shades.

Try a pumpkin date smoothie with vanilla almond milk and nutmeg for a fall grounding effect!

Svadhisthahna – Orange, Rise Up!

Orange – try Blood Oranges.
Add Chia, Hemp or Flax seeds to your juice to boost creativity.

Also check out our recipe for Papaya Cashew Smoothie

Manipura – Yellow, Fire Up!


Add Turmeric, Cayenne or Milk Thistle to help cleanse the liver.

Anahata – Green, Clean Up!

Kale or Spinach
Green Apple or Pear
Kiwi – great for heart health.

Also try our Pineapple Spinach Smoothie – coming soon!

For the following, blend with coconut water, almond milk or even just plain water.

Vishudha – Blue, Speak Up!

Lemon – to clear the throat.

Ajna – Indigo, Visualize!

Red Grapes
Red Currants – great for eyesight.

Sahasrara – Purple, Wise Up!

Black Currants – boosts brain power.


Some ingredients are better for juicing than others.
As a general guideline – juice hard fruits and blend soft fruits.

Juice: Apples, beets, carrots, pears, cucumbers, ginger, oranges, lemons, limes.
Smoothies: Berries, mangos, bananas, pitted cherries, plums, nectarines, watermelon, grapes, leafy greens.
You can even make a juice first then use that juice to make a smoothie!
Check out some of our other favorites smoothies.

Looking for more ways to balance your chakras? Check out our post “Unblock Your Chakras With These Mudras.”

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