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About Drishti International

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About Drishti International Yoga Teacher Training

Our Drishti Yoga Teacher Training School launched in Mexico 2012. The setting was a remote jungle hanging over a tranquil private beach. The location was serene and the local community made an impact on what has become the Drishti Global Network. We,  Carri Uranga and Sarah Walsh, are both ERYT 500 Yoga teachers.

Originally we connected while studying Ashtanga Yoga in India. We decided to offer our talents and passions to others by training Yoga teachers. We began by assisting at a teacher training together in Italy. We continue to guide others on this deeply personal and self-transforming quest.

Drishti Yoga Values

→Authenticity – We strive to be our most authentic selves and encourage you to do the same.

→Inspiration – We hope to inspire you in order to inspire others on and off the mat.

→Vision – We aim to share light and love and to plant the seeds of Yoga.

→Community – We ourselves are part of a local, global and virtual yoga community and encourage you to do the same!

→Support – You are not alone. Many students graduate from yoga teacher training programs and think “Now what?” You are supported with Drishti Yoga. We will help you with marketing to find creative ways to share your teachings.

Intimate Experiences

Many Yoga Teacher Training programs will pack their courses with over 25 participants. We believe this is done at the expense of the students and has a huge impact on your overall experience.  

At Drishti Yoga Teacher Training we limit participation to under 25 students – this intimate number allows for total personalization of your training. Carri and Sarah understand that in addition to creating a discipline yet fun environment, unique and intimate training opportunities are the most dynamic approach to taking a serious student to the next level.  

Carri and Sarah pride themselves on developing a personal connection and rapport with their students. Having a well rounded and balanced experience during your training in addition to developing your own consistent personal yoga practice provides a solid foundation to confidently teach and train others.

Focused Spiritual Depth

Whether you are looking to become a yoga instructor or simply delve deeper into your own personal practice, Drishti International Yoga Teacher Training will take your yoga experience to the next level.  

The focus cultivated by the powerful combination of experience and skill shared by Carri and Sarah make for a dynamic experience.   On-going support combined with practical guidance and disciplined practice carry you to the next level into becoming a fully competent Yoga instructor and spiritual guide for yourself and others.

Combine your Passion for Yoga with your Love of Travel

Exotic Travel

Today’s world is fraught with distractions and derailing interruptions, which is why Carri and Sarah highlight the benefits of choosing exotic locations for uninterrupted focus, relaxation and intimate understanding of the full training process.

You can have it all by creating an transformative experience that will last a lifetime both on and off the mat. Experience other cultures and communities by joining us in the activities of service for the benefit of others.

Some examples of our community volunteering adventures include:  Peru where we taught Yoga to kids at a special needs school – or In Mexico where we volunteered at the community center helping on a project to create a mosaic wall for the new playground . In India the students taught donation-based classes during their last days of the training. All the donations from this endeavor went to the local school to help purchase school supplies.

This service, or Seva work is just another added segment to Drishti’s dynamic and comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Course. With Sarah’s insight on Philosophy and Personal development through Chakra work and Carri’s enthusiasm and delightfully fun approach to challenging the physical body, this complete training program has something for absolutely everyone.

Cultivation of a Commitment to Seva -Selfless Service for
Spiritual Growth

We are passionate about Seva, which mean self-less service in Sanskrit. We integrate volunteer work with each of our Yoga Teacher Training Retreats. The cooperative effort with Seva all started when we took the opportunity to volunteer with our students at an amazing Community Center called Entre Amigos in Mexico.

This Community Center inspired a vision of incorporating an aspect of giving-back into our Teacher Trainings. Seva exposes you to different ways in which you make a difference in your own community back home.

What is the meaning of Drishti?

In Sanskrit Drishti means focus point or gaze. It is a means of developing Pratyahara (sense withdrawal) and Dharana (concentration) during your practice. It also refers to an inner focus – the self awareness that is developed though Svadhyaya – self study. At Drishti Yoga International you will cultivate not only the physical Drishti on your mat, but the spiritual Drishti off your mat…a journey that will last you a lifetime.

If you are experiencing a desire to pursue a lifetime of service, spirituality and direct benefit to our culture and our world – Sign up for an online Yoga Teacher Training today and join us for an experience of a lifetime!

“I recently had the unique opportunity to study for 3 weeks with Sarah & Carri. They have an uncanny ability to stretch you to your limits while supporting you exactly where you are. You’ll laugh and cry, question and learn, and come away with a clearer focus and sense of purpose!”

BM Courtney, Italy Teacher Training