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Yoga Teacher Training FAQ & Answers

Yoga Teacher Training
FAQ & Answers

Can I still participate if I am a beginner?

We recommend that you have a yoga practice for at least 6 months before joining the program, preferably in Vinyasa or Ashtanga styles.

What if I can’t do all the poses in the primary series?

The course is a Vinyasa certification with roots in Ashtanga Yoga. The primary series is introduced and taught; however if you are not familiar with all the poses it is perfectly fine. Traditionally students of Ashtanga only practice the poses that are accessible to them and stop there but we introduce you to all the poses even if they are not yet attainable just to give you exposure.

I don’t want to be a teacher can I still do the course?

Absolutely, in fact many people take the course just to deepen their practice without the intention of teaching after, although many people end up sharing Yoga with at least their friends and family after!

Will we have any days off?

Yes, our schedule is 7 days on and 1 day off. On your day off you can take in all the activities of the place you are visiting or simply rest and relax!

What credit will I get upon completion of the course?

Upon full participation and attendance of the course you can be a registered RYT 200hr Vinyasa teacher with Yoga Alliance.

What style will I be able to teach?

The course gives you Vinyasa certification: however, we may also introduce you to Ashtanga, Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Prenatal and Postnatal yoga depending on the program you attend.

Who will I be able to teach after I graduate?

The options are endless. The great thing about Yoga is that is can be taught to anyone. Yoga transcends age, race and demographics. Yoga classes can be taught from kids to seniors. There are specific groups to cater Yoga classes to like Yoga for MS or Yoga for Depression. We expose you to the limitless options during your training.

Is it possible to only attend some of the course?

In order to receive your 200hr Yoga Alliance Certificate you must meet the requirements of attending the full course. However, we do offer 100 hr modules allowing you take take half of the course if you are limited on time in one location, then finishing the remaining 100hrs at a different location.

Is a vegetarian diet mandatory?

It is not mandatory but we do suggest it. Any meals included in your training will be vegetarian but you can eat what you choose on your own.

What if I have an injury, will this limit my participation?

In Yoga we always say listen to your body. You are the best judge to gauge if your injury would prevent you from advancing in your practice. However, it may be helpful to speak with a doctor and get their consent. You can also speak with Sarah or Carri and get their take on your specific injury or medical condition.

What do I need to pack for the yoga teacher training?

You will receive an email listing what you may need to bring that is specific to the yoga teacher training you are partaking in. You can also check out Carri’s Packing List.

Is it safe for a female to travel alone?

When traveling one should always take safety precautions. Once you are at the trainings it is very safe and you will be with many people in secure hotels. If you are concerned you can speak with Sarah or Carri on how to safely arrive at our training.

Is my deposit applicable to the overall price of the course or is it in addition?

The deposit is applicable to the overall price of the course, it is however non-refundable.