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Drishti Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials & Reviews

Drishti Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials & Reviews

“With a desire to deepen my yoga practice combined with a love to travel I decided to Costa Rica in the Spring of 2015. In the beginning I did not have a strong urge to teach, but simply wanted to enrich my practice.
The experience and love I built with Carri, Sarah and the other students was a life changing one that nurtured a calling to serve, teach and share the practice of yoga with the world!”

Matt, Costa Rica Teacher Training

“Sarah Walsh trained me in my 200-hour certification program in 2014 and I feel fortunate to have learned under her guidance. Beyond being an extremely experienced teacher, I found her classes to be deeply spiritually fulfilling. She is well versed in Chakra work and is able to seamlessly blend this knowledge and various breathing techniques into her vinyasa classes. Her classes are physically demanding, but also soul reaching. I only wish I lived closer so that I could continue studying under her!”

Abbi, Greece Teacher Training

“Last summer I became a yoga teacher in Santorini, Greece. It was an extraordinary experience….physically, mentally, socially, culturally and spiritually. It was a chance for my 50 year-old self to embrace “challenge” in a new way. Is 50 too late to achieve a scorpion handstand or a classic Ashtanga headstand? No! On so many levels, yoga in Santorini confirmed that age IS just a number! There is a case to be made for removing oneself entirely from conventional life and distractions to fully immerse in and be transformed by an experience. All the better if it can be in a place of stunning landscape, romantic architecture, enchanting music, delicious healthy food and the nicest people you could ever meet! The staff was exceptional—friendly and accommodating in every way; we were all family by the end of our stay. Each bungalow was clean, comfortable and spacious and was shared by 2-3 students. And the vegetarian food (organic garden on premises) was the best we had on the island! and Marcos’ cocktails are more delectable and affordable than anything you’d find in the tourist traps. I would even love to organize my own yoga retreat there sometime in the next couple of years!”
Cameron, Greece Teacher Training

“I spent 3 weeks on a 200hr Drishti yoga teacher training in July 2015 alongside 17 lovely yoginis and teachers Sarah and Carri on the stunningly beautiful island of Santorini, Greece. I would highly recommend this course! Both Sarah and Carri are professional in their approach and generously shared their wisdom in a compassionate and friendly manner. The course is intense and certainly challenging at times, yet the humour and positivity of these two inspiring women helped me. I learned a lot on many levels during the training. I will always remember the sense of pride I felt receiving my certificate. Sarah and Carri’s passion for yoga has ignited in me a desire to learn more, I would definitely train with these ladies again. Carri and Sarah, thank you for your wisdom, kindness and your ability to share your knowledge in a beautiful and indeed personal way!”

Fiona, Greece & Portugal Teacher Training

“I count myself as lucky to have discovered Drishti and gone on their Napa Valley retreat. What a fantastic, life-changing, soul-awakening experience!
Carri and Sarah are a great duo. They each brought their personal style and skills to retreat, which made for a well-rounded experience. I left feeling satisfied mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I met wonderful friends in the form of other students, making for an even more transformative experience.
I can’t wait until I have the opportunity to take one of their teacher training’s! Highly, highly recommend for anyone looking to deepen their practice or even just to share a beautiful weekend with great people!”

Meghan, Napa Retreat

“The Drishti Yoga Teacher Training was an incredible experience personally and professionally. Sarah & Carri have designed an intelligent program that builds upon the foundations of yoga. I feel confident in leading classes of different skill sets in a yoga practice and am now able to further my self-practice. In addition to all of this, Sarah & Carri created an immersion experience that allowed the group to quickly become friends and support each other along the way. I completed the Drishti training right before moving across the country, leaving a job of many years and marrying my now husband; this training helped me remain flexible, feel supported and thrive during an incredibly transitory period of my life. I would highly recommend this training to others who want to deepen their knowledge of yoga and immerse themselves in an awakening experience.”

Rachel, Costa Rica Training

“The yoga teacher training that Drishti provided was challenging, exciting, spiritual, beautiful, informative, and so much fun! Not only did I learn how to sequence and lead an Ashtanga based vinyasa yoga class, I truly gained life long friends and had one of the best times of my life in Greece. I was referred to Drishti through my yoga teacher in Philadelphia who knew Carri as a teacher and a peer. I am so glad he recommended Drishti because it was a fantastic experience! I started teaching classes a few weeks after I got home. Drishti YTT gave me the confidence to not only lead yoga classes but it also helped me to deepen my understanding of yoga.”

Jenny, Greece Teacher Training

“I was lucky enough to spend 300 hours of my advanced training with Carri Uranga & Drishti International Teacher Training and I can therefore personally attest that Carri is a fantastic teacher and wholeheartedly recommend this training. She not only exudes her love for yoga but also her love for teaching. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of yoga but truly excels when it comes to the anatomy and biomechanical side of the practice. She encourages her students to ask questions while simultaneously asking her own, which creates an incredible atmosphere for everyone involved and makes learning much more interactive and interesting. Her personal practice is of someone who is deeply in tune with their body and knows their personal limits, boundaries, and edges – knowing when to push and when to pull back. Her dedication to her personal practice shows through on and off of the mat. She is not only a fantastic teacher but outside of class she is friendly, personable, light-hearted and makes everyone feel like they are heard all while adding in her own sense of humor. Carri has shown herself to be a leader through action and discipline. Her laid back personality mixed with her “can-do” attitude makes her the perfect balance. Drishti International encompasses all aspects of yoga from asana, pranayama, meditation, and all different forms of yoga and practice thereof. All students leave their trainings as well rounded, informed yoga teachers, all ready to walk into a studio and start teaching safe, fun, and effective yoga classes.”

Britany, Thailand Teacher Training

“I was lucky enough to train with Drishti for my RYT 200 hours. Carri is a lifelong student & teacher who is fun, humorous, dedicated and real. I can’t say enough good things about this gal. Sarah is an highly dedicated teacher with a genuine love for yoga & the benefits it offers to each & every student. She is extremely knowledgeable in the Chakras, Ayurveda science, meditation & yoga philosophy in general. She is highly skilled as a teacher & an admitted lifelong student. I came out of training feeling physically & mentally stronger & healthier than I have in my entire life & made lifelong friends through the Drishti Yoga international teacher program.”

Jamie, Greece Teacher Training

“I’m so glad I chose this journey with Drishti it made all the difference. I liked the idea of really immersing myself in the environment to get the most out of the experience without distractions from back home. I enjoyed being in a beautiful scenery that provided a little therapy for the soul. I have definitely integrated everything I learned from the training into my daily life. I didn’t realize it was going to be so much spiritual development and growth for us all on the course.”

Stephanie, India Teacher Training

“I must express my deepest gratitude towards Carri and Sarah for their undivided attention, care and unselfish dissemination of their Yoga Techniques and Skills that will definitely enhance my career as a Yoga Teacher. I wish to end here with a Chinese quote: “When one teaches someone, he or she is that someone’s teacher forever.” It means Carri and Sarah were my Yoga Teacher in this Drishti Yoga Teacher Training Course in Casperia, Itay, they are my Yoga Teacher forever. I love you Carri and Sarah”

Angeline, Italy Teacher Training

“One of the best experiences of my life! I am so happy that I chose to do my training the condensed route as opposed to spanning it out over several months. Doing my 200 hr. YTT in Costa Rica over three weeks really allowed me to immerse myself in everything yoga and let go of everything else. I didn’t have to cook, clean, worry about social obligations or a full work load. I was able to dedicate my heart, body and mind to the training completely. Combine that with the beautiful Costa Rican sunshine and it was pure heaven!”

Jamie, Costa Rica Teacher Training

“Thank You, both of you, Italy was the single most important thing I have ever done and I credit it with so much positivity and good changes in me. I can’t say thank you enough and say how much I loved Italy enough!”

Rowena, Italy Teacher Training

“When I initially started thinking about doing a yoga teacher training, I was not sure (yet) if I actually wanted to be a teacher, what I did know I wanted was to go somewhere, out of the US, that I could afford, where I could spend some time on ME, deepen my physical and spiritual yoga practice and learn how to meditate. I researched a number of retreat, trainings and ashrams in different countries and then I came across some information about a very affordably priced training in Goa, India. The timing was just right, the location looked amazing, on the beach in a tiny village. I did some more research, got in touch with Sarah, and I decided to go for it! Carri & Sarah are both strong yoga practitioners, whose different styles of teaching complement each other perfectly. The training that they put together is very well thought out and quite thorough. After the first week of the training, which had us start practice teaching immediately, I had already started to gain physical strength and build confidence and really started to feel that I wanted, and could, be a yoga teacher. By the end of the 3 weeks, I knew that I could, and would, be a yoga teacher!
This training challenged me mentally & spiritually, strengthened my individual practice and changed me, in very positive ways, from the inside all the way out! I would not trade this experience for anything. I look so forward to doing my 500 hour training with Drishti TTC in the (hopefully not too distant) future!”

Gina, India Teacher Training

“For me this was a very deep personal experience, not only a teacher training, but a trip into myself and an opportunity to become stronger and understand in deep what yoga can do for your life and the others. I would recommend the teacher training with Drishti to anyone interested in learning yoga for becoming a teacher or for self practice, to anyone ready to leave their comfort zone. This experience is something that will remain always inside of you, you will never regret. I feel that month in Goa changed the way I see life!”

Ana, India Teacher Training

“The Mexico yoga teacher training course was incredible. I went into it wanting to deepen my yoga practice but came out as a teacher. Carri and Sarah gave me the confidence I needed to stand in front of a class. I stayed in Mexico and started teaching one week after the course finished. It really was a life-changing experience. I loved being in the jungle and being able to go deep into my yoga practice physically, mentally and spiritually. Carri and Sarah are excellent teachers and lovely people – both are fantastic yoga practitioners and wonderfully friendly. They compliment each other brilliantly. We had a lot of fun during our breaks and days off, and I’m delighted to now call them friends. I would recommend this training to anyone, and I’m looking forward to coming back to do my 500-hour training in the future.”

Victoria, Mexico Teacher Training

I attended Carri & Sarah’s training in San Pancho, October, 2012 as a gift to myself for becoming 60 yrs. young. My goal was simple. Deepen my practice. What I found to be the most outstanding quality of the training was the interplay between Carri and Sarah’s very different styles of teaching and of being present in each moment. The combination of their experiences and their ability to translate and apply those differently according to the needs of each student were unique. This team of dynamite challenged me to the levels I needed. Emotions surfaced in unexpected ways for all of us, student or teacher, as we apply the principles of yoga to all aspects of our lives. Upon my return home I immediately began teaching Chakra and Restorative Yoga.

Ruth, Mexico Teacher Training

Carri and Sarah create a classroom atmosphere that motivates and inspires students across all experience levels. They ensure each student is being challenged in their practice, while encouraging and enabling them to reach their goals. They easily recognize student’s needs and guide them accordingly within their physical limitations.Carri and Sarah’s passion for yoga and their energy around cultivating a healthy mind, body, spirit is contagious to anyone who takes their classes.

Dorothy, Italy Teacher Training

I only realized how much yoga meant to me after found Sarah as my teacher. She perfectly balances spirituality and movement, and every class is a beautiful journey, always leading to a new and deeper place. Sarah develops meaningful connections with all her students, helping them fulfill their intensions, always with support, guidance and love.

Jonah, Sarah's NYC student

Sarah’s fire and energy when teaching vinyasa is magnetic and captivating. She is an asana powerhouse… as well as being a balanced and connected Yogini.

Jo, India Yoga Retreat

Sarah’s classes are a perfect combination of effort, fun and relaxation. Her charismatic spirit and dedication to the practice and her students make her a truly phenomenal teacher. I am so honored to be teaching alongside her at Sangha Yoga Shala.

Alana, Owner Sangha Yoga Shala NYC

Lucky for me, Carri was my first yoga instructor. I liked her immediately, but experiences with other teachers have only increased my appreciation for her. Initially, she’s friendly, encouraging, and clear in her description of postures and movements. She maintains a challenging tempo in her classes, but tempers the physical challenge with the right music, plenty of positive encouragement, and the occasional light-hearted story to make you smile. Her classes guarantee an atmosphere where any student can find better physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional health. As my practice progressed, I knew I could trust Carri to help me reach beyond what I thought were my limits. Give her a chance and she’ll improve your life, both on and off the mat.

Josh, Carri's student Philadelphia

Believe me when I say that Carri is the best pilates and yoga teacher I have ever had. I love her humor, how she encourages to try the hard stuff, and how she always makes it feel like a community of like-minded people rather than a bunch of strangers showing up for a class. I always looked forward to going to class.
Jennifer, Carri's student Philadelphia

“Carri is such an inspiring and motivating teacher. She encourages you to go to your edge, but also practices a lot of common sense, making practice available to anyone. She’s very free-spirited & funny. I attended her class for about a year and then pursued my yoga teacher certification. Carri’s amazing, definitely an experience going to her class!”

Ali, Carri's Student Philadelphia