Juan Gamboa – Yoga Teacher

Juan Gamboa

I started yoga at a time when I suffered extreme bouts of stress and anxiety from a corporate job and graduate school in early 2000. My body was incredibly inflexible and tight at the time. I didn’t come from an athletic or movement background and actually found the idea of sitting/ standing/breathing while on my mat to be pointless. I was in for a HUGE surprise.

Yoga cracked me open and it has been a love affair since. It’s helped me get strong and flexible; but also more aware and thoughtful. There is a deep mind/body connection that my practice allows me to explore unlike any other kind of movement.

Years after first stepping on my mat, I completed my yoga alliance training in 2008 at Sonic Yoga in NYC. After thousands of hours of additional training I found myself teaching all over NYC and around the world – Berlin, Milan, Monaco and India.

I currently teach yoga in NYC at Pure Yoga and Sonic Yoga. I continue to be in love with yoga – the breathing, the inversion work and the deep mind/body connection it fosters. I’m grateful for the community of teachers and students who inspire me everyday through their own journeys on and off the mat.

Greece 2016 Yoga Teacher Training

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