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vijay yoga teacher

Sri. Vijay Gopala is the founder of Yoga GITA and a certified Yoga Teacher. He has been teaching Yoga for more than 20 years and besides this he is a Life Coach who provides life changing one to one counseling sessions and self-evolving programs. Born in Mysore, India, capital of the Yoga world, from his childhood Vijay Gopala was drawn to the discipline of yoga thanks to his father who guided and taught him in a very serene atmosphere.

He studied from his early age in all the branches of yoga. He went to University in Bangalore and has two Master Degrees in Philosophy and Yoga where he also studied religion and belief systems. Furthermore, he has a post graduate diploma in development planning from the University of Mysore.

Vijay Gopala regularly travels to the East and the West to impart yoga methodology; suiting to modern day life skills.

He shares the teaching of Yoga with a rare warmth, humanity and wisdom required for any kind of transformation to take place. For him teaching is a natural flow of sharing his experiences and to serve others by contributing to the benefit of humanity.

For more information, please visit and find him on Facebook.

Greece 2016 Yoga Teacher Training

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