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December 4, 2013

Affordable and Thoughtful Gifts for the Holidays

The Holidays can be an expensive and excessive time of year. While the idea of giving and showing your gratitude and appreciation to friends, family and coworkers is great, it can quickly get out of control and lose meaning. Here are some fun ways to take the meaning of the Holidays back with affordable and thoughtful gift ideas.

Pick a Charity

If you are feeling like you have everything you need or are just feeling like helping others, choose a Charity people can donate to on your behalf. There are many charities out there that except donations on under your name. Why not put that collective money to good use like feeding a child who is hungry or funding research for cancer.

Secret Santa

This gift giving game is a great idea especially if you have a large family or big group of friends or many co-workers. Picking a name out of a hat and not knowing who is your “Santa” is a fun and surprising way of exchanging gifts. You can even organize this online now with


If your budget is really tight this year perhaps come up with a gift of a service you can provide. Service can be very well received and appreciated, some ideas are offering to cook for someone once a week or doing their laundry for a month. Perhaps you are a Yoga teacher and can offer a private class or a massage if you are a masseuse. Get creative!

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Again if you have a lot of people to exchange gifts with offer to play a game where you just purchase one gift. This game requires at least 4 people and the more the merrier! Have everyone wrap one gift and place it in the center of the group. Draw names out of hat to see who picks the present first. In order of names drawn each person picks a present and opens it. The next person picked can keep their present or can exchange with the previous gift open. The person who opened previously has no choice with giving up the gift, however, later when the last person chooses their gift then mutual exchanges can occur. It can be an interesting and entertaining game!

Buy Local

As you are giving a present to someone, why not give back to your community as well and buy locally. Help support small mom and pop joints or the local baker or college student selling homemade jewelry. When you buy local you give twice!

What are your affordable and thoughtful gift ideas?

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