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Baddha Konasana Adjustments- Bound Angle Pose Assists

Before adjusting Baddha Konasana or Bound Angle Pose, gauge whether you student needs any props before offering a deeper expression of the pose. If your students’ knees are very high or if their back is rounding, offer them a blanket or block to sit on.

Baddha Konasana Adjustments- Bound Angle Pose Assists

Beginner to Intermediate Adjustment

If your students knees are high this may indicate that they may have tight hips or tight inner thighs therefore you want to be mindful as you adjust them. It might be helpful in this case for your student to sit on a prop. Whether your student needs the support of props or not, position yourself behind your student and kneel on your knees. Place your hands on their inner legs just below the knees and gently begin to press down as they exhale. At the same time, as you take them deeper the into the hips, you can also bring them further into the forward fold. While pressing your hands on the legs, bring your chest against their back. Lean your body weight onto them as you guide them forward and down. When bringing them deeper into the pose, be mindful to not press down too hard and avoid pressing directly on the knee joint.Check in either verbally or physically gauge how they are doing and remember to move with the breath.

Intermediate Adjustment

You can also use some resistance stretching in this posture by telling them to press their knees into your hands. As they inhale encourage them to strongly resist the weight of you pressing down, then as they exhale tell them to release and as you gently continue to guide their knees towards the floor. Repeat this several times and notice all the new space created!

Intermediate Adjustment

Stand in front of your student and have them take ahold of your ankles. Place your thumb in their hip crease and your fingers on top of their thighs. With your thumbs and fingers externally rotate their hips. Slowly start to walk your feet backwards to help elongate their spine.

Advanced Adjustment

This is a deep adjustment so it is advised to make sure your student is comfortable with intense assists. Instead of using your hands to press down on the legs, in this adjustment you bring the weight of your body on to your student by standing on them. Be mindful coming into this pose moving slowly to avoid shocking your students body causing it to tense up. Step your feet one at a time as close to their hips as possible. Place your hands on the floor for balance if need be. Once you are stable you can use your hands on their backs to press them forward and down below the height of the arch.

If you have any questions or suggestions for additional adjustments not included here please post below!

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