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April 23, 2018

Best Beaches of Mykonos

A few of have asked which which other Greek Islands you should go to after the Yoga Retreat in Paros. That depends on what you’re looking for. For sheer, stunning beauty, Santorini is a must, but doesn’t have great beaches. If you’re looking to simply chill on the beach you may want to head to Mykonos. When people think of the infamous Greek Island of Mykonos two things come to mind: parties and beaches. With so many beaches on the island it can be hard to decide where to go for the day. Luckily I’ve spent two days cruising the island and beach hopping to find the most idyllic spots. The following is a simple breakdown of the Best Beaches of Mykonos. With so many varied choices, you’re sure to find one to suit your needs. Rent a scooter or a quad, grab a map and hit the road for a day of exploration.

Quiet & Chill Beaches

Lia – Almost the furthest distance from Mykonos Town, it’s no wonder Lia Beach is also the quietest. With only a two restaurants – one being the regarded Liasti and one a more casual taverna, the crowds are kept at bay. The landscape is reminiscent of the Patagonia with rocky outcroppings and a path that leads to another even more remote cove. This is also a place for diving. Great for families looking to get away from the party scene and couples seeking solitude.

Kalafatis – A wide open cove popular with families and wind surfers. On one end is a nice restaurant, the other end boasts a fishing village with local tavernas. In the middle is a casual spot with a typical Greek menu perfect for lunch. There is no pumping music on the beach and only a handful of beach umbrellas with service. The sea is calm for swimming and snorkeling. The beach is comprised of small pebbles and actual sand. Perfect for families seeking refuge from the louder beaches, couples looking to relax and of course those hoping to take a windsurfing lesson.

Panormos – With large white square cushions serving as loungers and a chill-out vibe, this is the perfect place for those looking to spend an afternoon in a trendy yet serene environment. The excellent restaurant with the same name has it’s tables right on the sand, adding to the bohemian feel. Grab a cushion, order a bottle of bubbly and relax. Beautiful clear water in a small cove, great for swimming and families playing paddle ball.

Ftelia – If you’re chasing wind, look no further. With no services and reliable high winds this is the perfect destination for kite and windsurfing. If you’re looking to spend a quiet day on the beach taking in the action, just plan to bring your own supplies including drinks, snacks and shade.

Agrari – Down a long winding road through the countryside, this beach is less traveled due to the lack of bus service and the steep hills. The area certainly offers enough to spend the afternoon, especially with an area to rent jet skis and water trampolines for the kids. Of course there’s the obligatory restaurant/bars. Do not expect a sandy beach. This one is made of gravel, but at least they are rounded stones and not sharp or jagged. Note – if driving a scooter, make sure you have enough power to get back up the hill, especially with two people. You may choose to park on the side of the road and walk down.

Party & Busy Beaches

Elias – Easy access, soft sand and a variety of accommodation from bungalows to luxury makes this a popular destination for families, couples or groups of friends. A large, good on site Mediterranean restaurant bears the same name. Falls into the busy beach category with less of a party crowd.

Paradise – Made popular in the late sixties by hippies looking for the “anything goes” mentality, this beach continues to be the party destination with loud pumping music and multiple restaurant bars lined up side by side to create a complex not unlike a theme park. The daily parties start at 5pm and go well into the early hours of the morning, but during the day families still come to enjoy the beach, energy and plethora of activities.

Paranga – The next beach over from Paradise with more of a backpacker feel to it. A hostel on site ensures young travelers looking to party a la Spring Break, but in a more relaxed, less contrived manner.

Kalo Livadi – Certainly not as crazy as Paradise, but still busy with multiple restaurants, music that can be heard on the beach, lots of people lounging under umbrellas and families playing their games. For a change of pace check out the organic restaurant called Nice n Easy, set back away from the beach for a quiet and healthy meal.

Psarou – Close proximity and easily accessible from Mykonos Town, this beach has more of a developed, resort feel to it. Easy place to head especially if you’re short on time or not interested in renting a scooter. Just take a bus from town then hop on a water taxi for 20 Euro a day that will take you to several different area beaches.

As mentioned, I only had two days to explore, but there are at least 15 other beaches to see on the beautiful Greek Island of Mykonos. One day I’ll see them all…Join us in Paros to kick off your Greek Island Adventure!


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