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Copenhagen, Denmark Summer 2015 Workshop

Copenhagen, Denmark Summer 2015 Workshop

Yoga Workshop Copenhagen, Denmark August 2015

Learn To Root To Rise

Join Carri Uranga and Sarah Walsh from Drishti Yoga Teacher Training for a fun 4 day workshop focusing on laying a firm FOUNDATION so we can RISE UP to challenges both in Life and in our Yoga Practice. This workshop will be the perfect end to the busy summer season to help reset for an abundant upcoming fall.

The popular and well regarded studio Yoga på Vesterbro will be hosting us. Our advanced Graduate Anne Katherine Hermansen teaches Vinyasa here so we excited to get to know this lovely community! The studio is located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. The workshop will run from August 2015 on the 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th from 7:30 -9:00pm.

The Workshop Details

  • Day 1: Chakra Flow: Get Grounded and Centered with a 1st Chakra Vinyasa class
  • Day 2: Inversion Workshop: Learn to Fly with a strong anchor!
  • Day 3: Arm Balancing: Build inner strength and inner focus
  • Day 4: Core and Restore: Connect to your center and restore your body and mind
  • Cost

    250 dkr or $40 USD for one class
    800 dkr or $125 USD for full workshop
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    Teachers on this training are: