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Drishti Yoga Global Network

Drishti Yoga Global Network

Drishti Yoga International strives to create a global network of yoga teachers, training centers and studios all around the world. Being aligned with the Drishti Global Newtork radiates to the world that you represent an excellence in yoga teaching standards that the yoga community has come to expect from the name Drishti Yoga Teacher Training. Drishti Yoga is aligned with Yoga Alliance in the United States as well as in the UK and Europe.

Many of our students have begun establishing studios, businesses, private consultation practices and even developing ideas for retreat and wellness centers all over the globe! Through traveling and teaching, Carri and Sarah have cultivated connections in exotic places such as Peru, Spain, India, Bali, Ecuador and South Africa and are happy to share their experiences and encourage participation in some of these exciting opportunities!

Drishti Yoga Values

Authenticity – We strive to be our most authentic selves and encourage you to do the same.
Inspiration – We strive to inspire you in order to inspire others on and off the mat.
Vision – We strive to share light and love and to plant the seeds of Yoga.
Community – We ourselves are part of our local yoga community and encourage you to get out there!
Support – You are not alone. Many students graduate from yoga teacher training programs and think “Now what?” Know you are supported with Drishti Yoga!

College Ambassador Program

Drishti Alumni – Promote our yoga teacher training to either the current college you are enrolled in or the Alumni program at your school.

How does it work?

Connect with your student base and recruit students to a Teacher Training with Drishti Yoga.
Not only will you be the face of Drishti Yoga in your own community, but you will also receive a bonus for every referral you get!
The most organic way is to share your love of Yoga and offer classes at your school through regularly scheduled classes, special events, alumni events or at orientation.
If you are interested in being selected as a Drishti Yoga College Ambassador please contact us directly.
We would love to hear your ideas!
Spread the seeds of Yoga, grow the Drishti Global Network plus earn a little extra cash as you study!

Continued Support

These programs are just a couple of ways in which Carri & Sarah continue to support you even long after your yoga teacher training program has commenced.

Drishti Alumni may also receive:

  • Priority notice for retreats and advance training modules
  • Discounts on retreats
  • Continued email support
  • Job referrals
  • Job placement opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities in exotic destinations around the world
  • Writing opportunities on our blog or partner websites

If you share these same values and wish to be part of the growing Yoga community join the Drishti Global Network and see for yourself how you too can lead the life you’ve always dreamed of!