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Foods that Fight Dementia

Written by Carri Uranga

January 19, 2015

Foods that Fight Dementia

Having dementia and diabetes, a dangerous combination, my Grandmother was just put in assisted living a month ago at the age of 82. I’ve been sadly watching her demise these last few years remembering how we used to have stimulating conversations – to her now not even knowing who I am, where I live or what I do. In fact, my Great Grandmother also had dementia and I witnessed her mind changing throughout the years. Thousands of families struggle with this same scenario as they watch loved ones suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s. My Mom has never had a great memory to begin with, but at the young age of 58 I am already seeing her memory slowly fading. I am 42 and seeing this pattern, started to get concerned about my own memory and wondering if there’s anything I can do right now as prevention? I hesitated even researching Foods that Fight Dementia as I could already imagine what was on the list. Sure enough, the list is very similar to our Superfoods list! No big surprises, but it serves as a reminder. With continued awareness we can incorporate as many of these Foods that Fight Dementia in into our diets and try to keep our minds sharp and healthy.

Pineapple Spinach Mint Smoothie

Fruits & Veggies

Leafy Greens
Brussels Sprouts

Grains & Legumes

Whole Grains
Sunflower Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds

Spices & Condiments

Green Tea
Dark Chocolate
Red wine


Omega 3 – In addition to oils, nuts and seeds, I prefer vegetarian brands of supplements like Ovega or Aloha where the Omegas are sourced from the algae itself instead of the fish, skipping the middle man and going straight to the source!
Vitamin D – 15 -20 minutes of sunlight a day is great! If you live in a cloudy environment you may want to take a supplement.
Many of the foods listed above contain Vitamins A, B, C & E

Want to know more about incorporating Foods that Fight Dementia into your diet?
Sarah Walsh is a certified health coach through Integrative Institute of Nutrition and can help you find a food lifestyle that’s right for you!

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