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March 16, 2015

Get to know Juan Gamboa

We are lucky to have Juan Gamboa join us as a guest teacher on our upcoming training in Greece July 2015. He will lead fun Vinyasa classes and workshops on inversions. Learn to fly this summer with Juan! Find out more about him here.

Juan Gamboa Handstand Splits

When and what brought you to the mat?

Stress from working in a corporate job in 1999 while going to graduate school
brought me to the mat for the first time – I sought escape and relief. I ended up staying for the emotional release and support my mat gave me.

You live and teach in New York City, are you a native New Yorker? If no, where are you from?

I teach, breathe and live my yoga in NYC, but I was born in the Philippines and came to NYC when I was 9 years old.

What is your connection with Drishti?

I met Drishti’s Co-Founder, Sarah Walsh, during my 200 hour teacher training at Sonic Yoga in Hell’s Kitchen. I had my lost job in the financial services during the financial crisis in 2008 and this path led me to my teacher training at Sonic, where this fantastic incredible human being joined my life.

You have a wicked practice, but beyond being able to do the cool party trickasanas how has yoga benefited your life?

The benefits of yoga in my life have been and continue to be countless. I’m currently enjoying the community aspect of yoga – the wonderful and inspiring students that I’m honored to teach, the growing network of wonderful fellow teachers and the amazing sphere of teachers that I get to practice in and learn from every day.

What is the funniest or most weird experience you have had in practice or in teaching?

Someone fell asleep in savanasa and I had to chant really loudly to get him to wake up!

For mor information on Juan Gamboa check out his bio here.

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