Yoga Teacher Training Retreats by Drishti International

Take your Yoga Practice & Teaching to the next level!

~ 100 hr. Yin/Yang Module

Costa Rica March, 2018 

~ 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training

Greece June, 2018 

Combine Your Passion For Yoga and Your Love of Travel to Create a Transformational Experience That Will Last a Lifetime On and Off The Mat.

Yoga Teacher Training Retreats

Our Drishti International Yoga Teacher Training Style

Our Yoga Training Instructors, Carri Uranga and Sarah Walsh believe strongly in giving each student the individual attention they need and deserve. Drishti Yoga is a 200 and 500 hour Vinyasa Yoga Alliance certified teacher training with roots in traditional Ashtanga Yoga.

Our intensive yoga teacher training course teaches integration of styles, approaches and forms of discipline.

We expose our students to a wide range of styles in addition to Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga. Some of these other styles may include: Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Kids Yoga.

This interdisciplinary approach allows you to understand which type of Yoga speaks to you the most and enables you to and create your own unique approach to Yoga that truly comes from your authentic self.

Upon completion of the course students graduate with a 200 hour Drishti Yoga Teacher Training certificate in Vinyasa Yoga.

Students graduate with the skills and confidence needed to begin sequencing classes and teaching immediately should they desire.

Whether you are looking to become a Yoga teacher or simply delve deeper into your practice – Drishti Yoga Teacher Training will take your yoga practice to the next level while at the same time allowing for deeper transformations within your life.

Brittany Christian Yoga Teacher Training Testimonial

Brittany Christian, Italy Yoga Teacher Training 2013

“My experience with Drishti Yoga Teacher Training FAR exceeded my expectations. I received so much more than the best education. Sarah and Carri were the perfect team – each experts in different areas, also in teaching to a very diverse group of people with different personalities. Their passion and dedication to each individual student’s progress was touching and inspiring. I feel confident and excited to share all I have learned as a new yoga teacher. I’m so grateful that I chose the Drishti program. It was truly a life changing experience!”