How Do You Know If You Are Ready For A yoga Teacher Training

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How Do You Know If You Are Ready For A Yoga Teacher Training

How Do I Know If I am Ready For A Yoga Teacher Training


Has a Yoga Teacher Training been on your bucket list for a while? Are you not sure if it is a right fit for you? How do you know if you are ready for a Yoga Teacher Training?

Here are some signs that might give you an indication if a training would benefit you. You may not fall into all of these categories but if you relate to just one then it might be worth investigating further.

Sign #1- You are interested in developing a home or self-practice.

Do you want Yoga to be a regular part of your life? But you might not want to always rely on going to a class or turning on your computer to get your practice in.  Do you want to be able to roll out your mat and move whenever and wherever? Sounds great, but that hard part is figuring out how to practice on your own efficiently.

On a Yoga Teacher Training you will gain valuable skills to be able to seqeunce intelligently for yourself and to instruct others if you choose. We also teach you the set sequence of  the Primary Series of Ashtanga. You can keep this series in your back pocket if you aren’t feeling inspired to come up with something on your own that day.

The bottom line is  you will be empwered with enough information to allow you to practice effectively on your own. So next time you are on vacation or can’t get a wifi signal, you will still be able to settle your mind and body by moving and flowing in your own way.


#2 You get home from Yoga class and you can’t wait to share with your partner, friend or family what you have learned.

Have you ever been so buzzed after a Yoga class that you just want to share your experience to whoever will listen? Do you have friends, family or coworkers who might benefit from of the practices of Yoga?  When Yoga has a deep effect on us it is natural that we want others to expereicne the same bliss or joy.

Doing a Yoga Teacher Training will give you the ability to share the gift of Yoga. Impact lives by spreading the practice. The in depth knowledge you gain on a Training will allow you to support others on their unique journey. Holding space for others in their health, wellness and spiritual journeys is a privelage and a great honor.

#3 You want to improve your physical postures.

Whether you are at the beginning of your Yoga Journey or if you have been practicing for decades, we can all benefit from examining the postures in depth.

Understanding your individual relationship to the poses will help you understand your habits and body in general. This will inform you of  how you move off the mat as well. Breaking down the alignment will help you progress your practice.  More importantly, investigating the poses from the point of view of your own unique body will give you the greatest insight. Your practice will advance as a result.

The Yoga Asana’s (poses) of course have tremendous benefits to our health. The postures, however are just one element of the entire Yoga practice. When you are fully immersed in a Training you will get to explore deeper aspects of Yoga. Become aware of your mental reactions to the poses or your relationship with your breath in each posture. With this deep type of awareness you can “improve” your postures which you can then apply that same awareness into your daily life.

#4 You are interested in incorporating meditation into your routine.

It is wide knoweldge now that meditation has tremendous benefits. It can seem intimidating or maybe just not that interesting to begin a practice. With careful explanation and guidance this ancient practice can be accessible to anyone.

You might ask but what does this have to do with yoga? As you will learn on the training, the physical poses are just one of the eight limbs of Yoga. Infact, all of the postures we do in class are for the purpose of creating a stong and supple body to be able to sit in meditation. You will recieve a ton of support to be able to implement meditation into your daily life for more peace and tranquility.

#5 You are curious about where this practice came from and want to inquire about some of the methodology.

Have you ever wondered how old Yoga is? Are you wondering if this is a religious practice? Do you want to understand the purpose behind some of the traditions? In our Training we give you insight into some of the history of this ancient practice. We share with you what we have learnt from our Teachers from both the East and West.

We demystify the practice by giving you the information of where Yoga came from and how it has evolved. We respect the lineages and we want to honor what has come before us. At the same time we try to make Yoga approachable to our modern day lives.

In the course you will study philospy from ancient Sages like Patanjali in his Yoga sutras. You will get to learn about the subtle body including the Chakra System and Koshas and how these systems are relevent your life.

If you curiousity is sparked to learn more about Yoga, your mind will be illuminated on this training.

#6 You are looking to make a change in your life.

If you are feeling stuck or unispired sometimes stepping out of your routines is the perfect way to shake things up. On a Yoga Teacher Training we examine our lives and reflect on where we want growth to occur. Maybe you want to change your career. Or maybe you intend on prioritizing your health. Or maybe it is as simple as changing your perception in a relationship or even towards yourself to have an impact on your life.

Mindset shifts can dractically change our lives for the better. On our Yoga Teacher Training you will gain the awarness and tools to see where you can improve in certain areas of your life.

Still not convinced if a Yoga Teacher Training is right for you? Join our FREE Mini Series and get a sample of what to expect!

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