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Know Before You Go – Greece

Know Before You Go

Visa’s & Travel Tips

Visa & Passport

To enter into Greece you must have a passport valid for at least 3 months as from the date of entry.
It’s a good idea to keep a photo copy of your passport separate from your money and credit cards.

Most nationalities can obtain a 90 day visa which is given upon entry.
It is always best to check with the Greek Embassy in your home country before traveling.

General Information about Greece and Santorini


The local currency is the Euro and it is the main currency that is accepted in most establishments. You can exchange cash, traveler’s checks, and use your debit and credit card in Fira and Oia through ATM’s, exchange centers, and banks.

The local language is Greek, and although most people speak English, the locals appreciate it when we try and greet them in their own language.
There is internet and WIFI at many places throughout the island. Most hotels and cafes have it available. That said, it can be spotty and go out periodically. As a traveler to a foreign country please have patience and realize not everything is as it is back home.
Travel & Medical Insurance
No health documents are required to enter Greece but medical & travel insurance is recommended.
Pharmacies and clinics are available in Fira and Oia should you need any medical supplies.
The medical facilities are excellent and of high standards in Greece.

Traveling around Greece before or after your Yoga Teacher Training?