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Gateway To Meditation

Gateway to Meditation

Learn how to Meditate - Gateway to Meditation Course

Introducing our 21 day Gateway to Meditation Course September 14 – October 4!

Have you been curious about meditation? Ready to get rooted and grounded this Fall?
After a busy Summer schedule of travel, weekend getaways, weddings or graduations get centered and reset for the upcoming abundant Fall season and learn how to meditate with Drishti International.

Many people like the idea of adding meditation to their life, but are confused on where to start. You may be overwhelmed with the thought of trying to rid your mind of thoughts, but as you will find we will focus more on concentration methods to help sharpen the mind.


  • $21 if you sign up by Sept 1. That’s a buck a day!
  • $30 thereafter.
  • How Does it Work?

    You simply click the buy now button below & sign up. Beginning Sept 14 you will receive a daily email that will include:

  • An overall Introduction to Meditation
  • Postural instruction
  • Breathwork
  • 1 full week of Chakra meditations
  • Concentration techniques
  • Visualization techniques

  • In 3 weeks you will gain some simple tools to help clear your mind, sit in stillness and bring overall clarity to your life. Join us and get a taste of what yoga students have been experiencing throughout the world!