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January 22, 2014

Lose 5 lbs On A 5 Day Cleanse!

Loose 5 lbs On A 5 Day Cleanse

There are many cleanses out there so it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Having done many myself I am here to save you time by finding you an achievable cleanse by introducing you to Joule Body. I am not an ambassador or sales rep for them, I just truly believe in their product. This is the second time I have embarked on their Kick Starter program and I absolutely love it. Most cleanses leave me tired, irritable and light headed which is not fun when you are running around New York City teaching Yoga classes! Below is a day by day review of how I lost 5 lbs on a 5 Day Cleanse

Day 1

Day 1 started off with a Raw juice in the morning at 9am. The raw juice at the beginning of the cleanse is not my favorite. I am usually used to something a little sweeter, this one is packed with greens so I gulped it down knowing it was good for me. At 12pm I had a Kale and Carrot salad. It was delicious but very small! I was still hungry after lunch so I snacked on these filling trail mix nuggets, which are included, to get me through until 5pm. The 5pm Citrus Juice is definitely my favorite part of the day. I love the flavor of the juice and the cayenne pepper suppresses the appetite. Dinner was around 7pm with a simple Beet and Wild Rice salad. Again since it was day one I was not fully satisfied with dinner so I had a chocolate meal replacement bar that is optional to finish off the day. I went to bed around 10:30pm feeling good and not starving, I had even managed to do 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical and some core exercises during the day.

Day 2

I woke up with a minor headache which was an indication that I was slightly dehydrated and had not drunk enough water the day before. I downed a full glass of water before my morning raw juice and it went away. For lunch I enjoyed a delightful Powerhouse Slaw that I could see myself making after the cleanse. It was light but filling and had a nice crunch to it with the sunflower seeds. I finished off lunch again with the trail mix nuggets. Again I had the citrus juice after 30 minutes of cardio and toning exercises. Dinner was a little later then scheduled because I didn’t get home from teaching Yoga until 8pm. I anticipated to feel drained from teaching but I had energy during class and after. Dinner was a yummy Carrot Lentil Burger that I inhaled! I was happy that on day 2 I skipped the meal replacement bar without depriving myself of any sustenance. It was a challenge however when my boyfriend made himself peanut butter on toast for a late night snack. I resisted the temptation by making myself some 0 calorie berry herbal tea.

Day 3

On day 3 I woke up again with a slight headache. Once I drank water and had my morning juice it disappeared again. I took a morning Yoga class and was eager for lunch which was a Curry Chickpea Burger that I enjoyed even more than the burger from the night before. I taught in the early afternoon so I took my trail mix nuggets and juice along with me to keep me energized. My friday night dinner was a Green Power Soup that went down smoothly. I watched the movie The Butler and instead of popcorn with movie I snacked on the trail mix nuggets. Again I did not feel the need to include the meal replacement bar on day 3 either.

Day 4

I finally woke up without a headache and felt great! The morning raw juice was actually starting to taste better and I could feel my body start to crave the nutrients. For lunch I warmed up my curry respiratory stew which was welcomed on a cold day! I did my Ashtanga self-practice in the early afternoon but felt weak and couldn’t make it through all of the primary series. I got through a lot considering I was eating under 500 calories a day! The evening was a challenge as it was my friends birthday dinner party. I packed my Cream of Celery Soup and this time brought along a Chocolate bar meal replacement so I would not be tempted by the lasagne, artichoke dip and birthday cake! I managed pretty well although I did indulge in 2 glasses of wine…opps! I drank plenty of water however because I had not had a drink in 3 weeks so I was very careful. I managed to socialize around enticing food without giving in, it took a lot of mental willpower which I thank my mediation practice for!

Day 5

On the last day I again woke up feeling great. I had a late morning Yoga class and came out feeling great and ready for Butternut Squash Soup for lunch. I went for a 25 minute bike ride to meet up with friends for a shopping date. We found a cute tea shop in Union Square and socialized over tasty herbal tea. That early evening I went to the Movies with my Boyfriend and brought my afternoon juice and trail mix while he was eating his popcorn and coke! I was totally satisfied as the melted butter wafted through the theater, again I thank my mindfulness cultivated from meditation to stop me from cheating. The movie ended late and I figured I would go to bed soon after so I actually skipped dinner and the meal replacement bar. I had tea before I went to bed. I slept great on the last night of the cleanse feeling proud that I accomplished the 5 day cleanse mostly with ease!

I weighed myself the next day and had lost 5 lbs! My intention for the cleanse was not just about weightloss, I was looking for a way too detoxify after the holidays and reset realistic and achievable health goals for the New Year. This cleanse is a great kick starter to eating more mindfully. I did not feel like I was starving myself for the purpose of losing pounds, rather it is designed to include solid nutritious food into the program to keep your digestive system in balance. Many juice cleanses out there may help you to quickly lose weight but it can be hard to sustain that weight loss after the cleanse when you eat solid food again. With Joulebody I feel like my body does not go into shock from an extreme change in diet. Coming off the cleanse I feel like I can continue to eat small portions of solid food with more awareness of the ingredients in them and include juices daily for optimum nutrition. I highly recommend this cleanse to everyone because you can maintain your busy life while on it and since the food is delivered to you it is also really easy because your food for the week is already planned! If you would like to know more about the cleanse check out the Joulebody website or email [email protected]

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