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Whether you’re looking to try a beginner class, learn how to fly into an arm balance or ground yourself in meditation, our online Yoga classes allows you to access yoga whenever and wherever. With a monthly membership or curated courses you can grow your practice at “Om”.

 Online Yoga Classes Includes:

Online Yoga Studio Membership Vinyasa

Go With the Flow

Vinyasa w/ Carri
27 min/ Multi-Level


Online Yoga Studio Membership Meditation

Ground Yourself

 Meditation w/ Sarah
10-30  min/ All Levels
Online Yoga Studio Membership Yoga with Weights

Tap into Your Power

Fitness w/ Carri
27 min/ All levels
Online Yoga Studio Membership Breathwork

Calm Your Anxieties

Breathwork w/ Sarah
7-27 min/ All levels

Learn to Fly

Posture Tutorials W/ Carri
27 min/ intermediate-advanced

$27/ Month


$297/ Year

Does This Sound Like You?

During a busy work from home day, you have time in between meetings, but instead of rolling out the mat you mindlessly scroll through social media?

We have certainly procrastinated prioritizing our practice at times too. There are days when you just don’t feel like it. We get it!

But how many times do you come out of Savasana or a meditation saying “I wish I did the dishes instead ” or “That was a waste of my time.”? Never!

With our Online Yoga Studio membership you have access to video recordings of classes that you can play on demand!


 We have designed an online Yoga Studio for the overtired, overscheduled and overstressed Yogi in mind. Our on demand online yoga classes allow you to:

→ Choose a time that works BEST for you to practice with our pre-recorded videos
→Our classes range from a 7 minute express videos to a full 60 minutes, giving you FLEXIBILITY over your schedule
→ A wide RANGE of offerings from Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, Meditation, Prenatal, Postnatal, Pilates, Core and more!
→ Pick and CHOOSE what you want to work on that day from a power flow to a slow flow. 
→COMBINE shorter videos to suit you like pairing a quick meditation with a strong workout
→ 2 NEW videos a week to keep the content fresh and current
→ Access the ENTIRE media library to revisit your favorite sequence or theme!

Yoga and even Meditation can give us the boost of energy we need to tackle our to do list and daily responsibilities!


Hear what our Students are saying about our online Yoga Classes!

“Thank you Sarah and Carri. This is the first time, outside the Yoga Retreat that I did with you(in person) that I have managed to meditate first thing every day. I feel like it is really helping and grounding me. Namaste to both of you beautiful souls!” 

Gina, Stay Om Online Retreat

“I am LOVING the Stay OM meditations. Thank you so much for this gift! You have been a HUGE force for me in learning yoga and growing my practice.

Deena, Stay Om Online Retreat


21 Day Challenge

21 days of classes to jumpstart your practice! A strategic blend of Vinyasa, Fitness and Yin Yoga classes. Most classes are a manageable 20-30 minutes, but each week contains one 60 minute class and BONUS 10 minute Chakra Meditations every three days!

28 classes

Prenatal Fit Course

It’s time to prioritize you Mama! Be the strongest, healthiest and happiest you! This series is designed to help you have an active and balanced pregnancy while staying safe. Includes video and audio recordings of Prenatal Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Meditation & Breathing. Plus bonus videos on common pregnancy complaints and Labor & Delivery Prep!


19 classes

12 Days of Self Love

This heartfelt blend of classes is designed to fill up your self-cup of love. The Heart Chakra, Anahata, has 12 petals or vrittis that represent divine qualities of Love. Each quality will be explored through Vinyasa, Meditation, Chanting and Breath classes. Plus a bonus Nidra class!

16 classes

Labor & Delivery Workshop

This workshop is designed to help mothers and partners prepare for the big day. Utilizing breath, movement and mindfulness you will learn valuable tools to empower you both. Partners will leave feeling confident in their ability to offer support. Mothers will be comforted in gaining powerful insight on what to expect.



“Can I watch a video more than once?”
Yes you have unlimited access to the media library as long as you are a member.

“As a member do I have access to workshops and other courses?”
Workshops, trainings or courses are not included in the membership. These offerings can be
purchased separately in the products page.

“Can I stop the membership whenever I want?”
If you are paying month by month then yes of course. If you purchased an annual
membership then you can cancel when the year is up.

“I am new to Yoga, are these the right online Yoga classes for me?”
Yes definitely! We have a wide range of classes offered from beginner to more advanced
Yoga, Workouts, Meditation and more so you can choose what is best for you! Grow your
practice with our different levels over time and at your own pace.

Unlimited Yoga & Meditation


$27/mo $297/yr