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Written by Carri Uranga

October 1, 2014

Operation Shanti

Join Operation Shanti in their first ever NYC benefit event!

October 9th 7-9pm
George Billis Gallery
525 W 26th St.


What is Operation Shanti?

Operation Shanti, a San Francisco, California-based nonprofit, was formally established in 2005 to help the poorest and neediest gain status and their rightful place in their societies.
Operation Shanti’s first efforts in India were organized around helping families who were living on the streets of Mysore. Assistance was focused on basic needs – food and medical care. On a daily basis, Operation Shanti volunteers provided meals and medical assistance to those living on the street.
Over the next two years, Operation Shanti began to provide housing and financial support for families, and educational opportunities for children so that they could go to school rather than work or beg in the streets. In 2006 and 2007, Operation Shanti placed several of the street children in a locally respected boarding school, getting them off the street. This is called Project Street.

In 2008, Operation Shanti opened the Karunya Mane shelter on the outskirts of Mysore to provide the street children with a permanent shelter. At their choice, many of the children who had previously been placed in local boarding schools came to live at Karunya Mane. The children live at Karunya Mane seven days a week and attend schools near the shelter. Other children have been placed at locally respected boarding schools. This is known as Project Home.

In September of 2009, Operation Shanti began distributing care packages to destitute familes affected by medical hardship, in what became Project Food & More.

Every day Operation Shanti provides essential human services such as food, shelter, educational and medical assistance, because only after basic needs are met can the destitute begin to help themselves.
Operation Shanti’s future goals include construction of an additional children’s home near the Karunya Mane facility to assist more destitute kids who deserve a better life. They believe everyone should have the opportunity to live to their potential.

What is Drishti’s involvement?

While Drishti does not have a formal relationship with Operation Shanti Adam Wade has practiced in Mysore with Sharath for the last few years and has gotten involved in Operation Shanti. Here’s what he had to say:

I visited Operation Shanti last December with my friends Michael and Tee and the kids won me over on my first visit.

The boys and girls each have their own floor and we were instructed to visit the boys floor first. The boys were loud and excitable and full of energy! Imagine 20, happy Indian boys all trying to talk to you at once. They were so excited to show us their home, their karate moves and their yoga practice (which was very impressive). Next we visited the girls, who were much quieter and less rowdy. They showed us their lockers, their school work and art projects. My favorite part of the visit was when one of the older girls asked if I wanted to see the grounds – I of course said yes and she very sweetly took my hand and led me around the property, proudly showing me their playground, trees and cats. All of the Operation Shanti kids there we so inviting and happy, it was really moving.

Before we left they asked if we would come back for their Christmas concert, which we did – with santa hats and sacks of presents! It was one of the most memorable Christmases I’ve ever had!

Sarah is currently in Mysore, also practicing with Sharath and will visit Karunya Mane soon.
It became clear that Drishti’s Seva efforts in India will be directed towards this organization which benefits a community that has effected the yoga community as a whole whether you have physically been to Mysore or not.

Join Adam Wade Oct. 9th 7-9pm as he raises funds for this special cause. Carri will be there too!

If you can’t make it, visit the link and bid:
To donate to the Mysore community: operation-shanti.com/donate


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