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Strong Bodies, Strong  Minds, Strong Mamas!

Get Prenatal Yoga Classes Online at your fingertips!

Does this sound like you?

  • In studio  Prenatal Yoga Class offerings don’t line up with your work schedule?

  • Finding childcare for your older child makes it too difficult to attend an in person Prenatal Class?

    Whether this is your first pregnancy, 2nd or 3rd, as mothers it is essential to fill up your own cup before you can give to others. On the airplane we are advised to put on our own oxygen mask before we assist our children. When we can practice self-care we will have more to give to our loved ones and can be of more service.

    It’s time to prioritize YOU Mama so you can be the STRONGEST, HEALTHIEST & HAPPIEST you!

    What’s Included in Your Prenatal Yoga Classes Online Package:


    Prenatal Yoga Classes Online Extended Side Angle

    Prenatal Yoga

    • Varied Sequences
    • Modified poses
    • Common Complaints (Sciatica, Pubis symphysis, swollen feet)
    Prenatal Yoga Classes online Bird Dog

    Pilates & Fitness

    • Weights to strengthen
    • Thera Band for Resistance
    • Safe Core for back pain
    Prenatal Yoga Classes Online Meditation

    Meditation & Breathing

    • Pain techniques for labor
    • Destress to reduce complications like Gestational Diabetes
    • Breathing for labor

    ***Most classes are a manageable 27 minutes with express 10 minute classes included. They are recorded for you to watch on demand whenever you can!

    The investment for your healthiest & happiest pregnancy is only


    And for only $247 receive the Partner LABOR and DELIVERY Workshop!

    Partner Labor & Delivery Workshop

    This workshop is designed to help mothers and partners prepare for the big day. Utilizing breath, movement and mindfulness you will learn valuable tools to empower you both. Partners will leave feeling confident in their ability to offer support. Mothers will be comforted in gaining powerful insight on what to expect.

    Prenatal Yoga Classes Online Partner Labor & Delivery Workshop

    What’s Included in Your Partner Workshop:

    • Partner Yoga poses for pre-labor, early labor & active labor
    • Pain managment techniques for labor
    • What to expect in the different stages of labor
    • Learning the signs of when Labor has begun
    • How to be an advocator in a hospital setting
    • How to use a birth ball
    • Ways to progress Labor & Delivery
    • What to pack for the hospital or birth center
    • Breathing and visualization to help move through a contraction

    As a Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Doula and Mother, I have designed a course that is convenient for you to take at home at anytime.  The program is designed to support you with an active and balanced pregnancy while staying safe.

    Through both my pregnancies I had to modify my practice because of injuries arising. I had to find ways to move and breathe to give me a boost of energy. Prenatal Yoga sustained me through the 9 months and beyond! 

    I carved out the time into my day to help ground me. The practices were exactly what I needed to balance my hormones. I can’t imagine what my prenatal journey would have been like without Yoga!


    Can I watch my video more than once?

    • Yes these are pre-recorded so you could do them as many times as you would like!

    How long will I have access to the course?

    • You will have access to the course for 9 months from date of purchase.

    If I am high risk is this course suited to me?

    • Always check with your Dr./OB/ Midwife before pursuing any physical activity. If you get the go ahead then yes this course can be suitable for you. There are a range of classes and modifications offered. The meditations and breathing are suitable for everyone!

    Will the Partner Labor & Delivery Workshop always be free with this course?

    • No, the Partner Workshop will be available as a separate product for purchase.

    Are Postnatal Classes included?

    • This course is designed for the first 3 trimesters focusing on pregnancy and labor and delivery. A separate course for the 4th trimester will soon be offered!


    “Sarah was incredibly supportive and caring throughout my pregnancy and labor and delivery. My experience began with Sarah’s prenatal yoga program which was instrumental in preparing me for the delivery of my daughter. As my due date approached, Sarah’s doula experience was extremely helpful to my husband and I when complications with my pregnancy arose. She helped us to understand all of our options and to feel empowered to make well-informed decisions regarding the birth of our daughter. During my labor, Sarah introduced several positions and exercises that helped me to manage my contractions and to encourage the labor process. It was wonderful having Sarah as part of my labor team! ” 

    Keri Palladino, Mother (Yoga student and Doula Client)

    “We’re both doing great and I swear that taking your classes really helped with my labor and postpartum recovery, so thank you so much!

    Brittney Olsen, Mother (Prenatal Yoga Student)