Private Yoga & Pilates in Chicago With Carri Uranga

Private Yoga, Pilates & Fitness in San Antonio, Texas

Private Yoga & Pilates
in San Antonio, Texas

Practice with Drishti’s Senior Teacher Carri Uranga. Carri is now offering Private Yoga, Pilates and Fitness sessions in her new home of San Antonio, Texas!

Carri will customize your sessions uniquely to match your needs and intentions of your practice.

For pricing information and to book your sessions contact us.

Julia, Philadelphia Student

“I miss Carri in Philadelphia! She really loves what she does, and it makes the class that much more enjoyable. She encourages her students to try new things (inversions & arm balances), and offers lots of options. Also great music!”

Johanna – Owner Samana Chakra, Peru

“Yes, powerful and positive energy is this amazing Yoga teacher, very funny and direct as they get, love her class, not for a wimp, her class will make you strong. I have been honor to know Carri for many years it is wonderful to see someone so good get even better, As a Yoga retreat owner I have invited her several times to come teach at Samana Chakra in Peru, she is that good, can’t get enough, now she also does teacher trainings and she excels at that too. well rounded teacher, love her!”

Kurt – Owner El Sabanero Eco Lodge, Costa Rica

“Carri is not only a great Yoga teacher, she also knows what people need and has the special ability to make everybody feel important!”