Private Prenatal Yoga LA



 Private Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga & Doula Classes available in Los Angeles with senior Teacher Sarah Walsh

Are you interested in getting some support on this exciting journey? Gain valuable and personalized information to help you navigate this major life transition with private Prenatal Yoga in LA. Here is what your get with your private Prenatal, Postnatal Yoga & Doula Classes:

  • Each session is designed for your individual needs
  • Address any complaints or discomforts with your pregnancy.
  • Gain coping strategies for contractions during labor.

The yoga sessions will be designed to help with Labor and Delivery techniques as well as providing you with tools to make your pregnancy more comfortable.


Learn breath techniques to help you with labor. Channeling your breath can help relaxe your body and mind to help you labor more efficiently.

Stability & Flexibility

Find strength and flexibilty to help you navigate the changes of the pregnant body. The movement incorprates a blance between Yoga, Pilates & Physical Therapy for a well rounded experience.

Tools for Labor & Delivery

The sessions include Yoga for Labor. Find ways to move your body during labor to help you progress things along.

To book your private Prenatal Yoga in LA or Postnatal Yoga or Doula Services with Senior teacher Sarah Walsh and for pricing information contact us today!

Online classes are also available to allow for more flexibility of your schedule. Recorded classes included and live classes can be arranged. Click here to find out more.