Meet Shelley Maxwell - Drishti Yoga Teacher Training


I grew up in England in a very yang home. My Mum was a dancer and my Dad had a football background. My older brothers had a love of anything fast and yang .. My yin (and my yang) were my beautiful horses and I became interested in Anatomy and fitness and trained as a personal trainer to improve my endurance while horseback riding. 20 years ago I injured my back doing the very thing I love – horseback riding! I discovered Yoga for rehab purposes. The more I learned about the breath, the more it helped calm my mind and helped connect me even more with my horses.
My love for yoga grew more when I discovered the dance of flowing and the discipline of Ashtanga Yoga. I believe in the balance of yin/yang, intelligent sequencing and mindful alignment. I did my first training with Drishti Yoga Teacher Training in Greece 2016. It is here I discovered Yin Yoga and decided to pursue a 100 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with them. I am so excited to assist on the 200 hr Training on Paros, Greece June 2018. I feel blessed to practice under the teachings of Carri Uranga who is my personal mentor and dear friend. I also take yoga inspiration from and have practiced and trained with Angela Kukhahn and Briohny Smyth in Los Angeles as well as Sarah Thompson, Julie Montagu, Marcus Veda and Jeff Phenix in London.
My classes are a powerful, energetic moving meditation flow followed by a wholeheartedly deserved long Savasana which I consider to be the most important part of the practice. I more recently discovered Rocket Yoga and Mandala style of teaching and now incorporate this into my class for diversity. I love converting anyone yang to yin! I discovered the healing benefits of Yoga Nidra with Natasha Kerry’s sleep method and sprinkle even amounts of yin and yang to every class I teach. Caring and encouraging for everyone in my class is my top priority!