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Written by Carri Uranga

December 12, 2015

What …No Yoga? Yeah, right!

When the Dr. told me the Plantar Fasciitis and the damaged tissue surrounding my heel spur needed to heal, therefore “No Yoga” for 2 weeks, I knew I really wouldn’t follow that exact order. I actually didn’t plan to do much yoga in the next couple weeks anyway. The reality is I just moved to Chicago and there’s a lot of studios around to take advantage of New Student Specials just like I recently did in New York. Since I will be out of town for 2 weeks at the holidays I want to take full advantage of these 1 month deals so I didn’t plan to head to the studio any time soon anyway. I figured my building gym and home practice would sustain me until I can check out these Chicago Yoga Deals! Recently a couple of people have asked “What have you been doing for Yoga?”
There’s actually a lot you can do without standing poses and putting excess pressure on your feet. Here’s a 1 hour sequence I did today which ended up being a Fusion of Yoga, Pilates and Yin! I didn’t plan it and just made it up as I went along.
I maintained Ujjayi Pranayama to stay grounded and heated and will refrain from typing out the words inhale and exhale throughout.

Start Seated

Arms Overhead, twist to the right, left hand on right knee, right hand back behind you. Gaze over right shoulder. 3 breaths.
Right arm in the sky. Reach diagonally to the left stretching out side body. 3 breaths.
Back to center right elbow on top of left elbow. Plant palms together for Eagle Arms. Lift arms high then draw elbows into belly, connecting movement with breath. 3 times. Repeat all on other side.
Back to center. Arms overhead. Side stretch to the right, then to the left.

Hands & Knees

Cow/Cat 3 times.
Shoulder stretch on right side.
Cow/Cat 3 times.
Shoulder stretch on left side.
Back to center. Come into Plank. Knee to Triceps 10 times each side.
Downward Dog – 1 minute. Shift back into Plank – 1 min, lower all the way to the floor.


Sphinx 2 minutes, Seal 2 minutes, Child’s Pose 1 min.
Downward Dog
Lift right leg into the sky, open up hips, roll out ankle.
Step right foot forward for Lizard Lunge on palms 1 minute, on forearms 1 minute.
Stretch right leg back up into sky, Down Dog.
Lift left leg into the sky, open hips, roll ankle out.
Step left foot forward for Lizard Lunge on palms 1 minute, on forearms 1 minute.
Stretch left leg back up, Downward Dog.


Jump through to Navasana. Hold 5 breaths. Cross ankles, plant palms, lift & lower. Repeat 5 times, like in Ashtanga. From here one could actually continue on with the rest of the Primary Series. I chose to do the following poses and did Vinyasa in between poses, but not sides.
Janushirasana A
Marichyasana A, B, & C


Fire Log – 3 minutes each side

Core Work

Pilates 100
The Pilates 5 Series – Single leg stretch, Double Leg Stretch, Scissors, Lower/Lift, Criss Cross
Pilates Side Lying Series – various Glute Medial exercises.

Cool Down

Ankle to Knee, 1-3 minutes each side
Twists, 1-3 minutes each side
Savasana 5-10 minutes

There’s so many options! Looking for more Core?
I realize I was pretty vague in description so if you have any questions please post below!

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