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Time Management Tips

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October 27, 2021

Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips

In today’s busy world we need all the help we can get. If you struggle with feeling unorganized, overwhelmed or like there’s just not enough hours in the day, check out our time management tips to gain clarity and calm in just a few short weeks. Serenity now! 
One phrase you won’t hear me say is “I don’t have time.” 
Now, you might hear me say I didn’t make time.” 

Unpopular Opinion Alert: 

It may sound a little harsh, but I operate under the thinking that we all have time (and money) for what’s most important to us. For me, physical movement is non-negotiable so I include this in my daily schedule.

It doesn’t matter if it’s yoga, walking or lifting weights. I can’t imagine not doing some form of exercise every day. My partner and I are also asleep by 10:30pm on most nights, even on weekends. For others, cooking a healthy dinner for the family may be the most important part of their day. I certainly appreciate a healthy meal, but I’m also fine picking up a pizza. 

I love to cook, but I’ll be the first to admit there are times when I haven’t prioritized it, therefore it doesn’t get “done”. That’s the thing. Things don’t just magically happen. Making your wish list come into fruition takes discipline, strategy and time management. It also requires boundaries, but that’s a whole post on it’s own. Here are a few time management tips that work for me.  

Create a Non-negotiables List 

Is it a daily workout? An apple a day? A good night’s sleep?   

Whatever it is for you, make a list of 3-5 items that you personally need to do every single day to feel your best. I’m not talking about looking your best. I mean to really feel vibrant and full of energy so that you can thrive at your job, for your family and most importantly, for your SELF! 

Get a Planner

If you don’t already use a planner, get one! 

I personally use a hard copy planner book because I don’t want to look at the computer any more than I have to. It bothers my 49 year old eyes plus I prefer to see line items in my own handwriting. I tend to remember the actions more when I see them written down. Some people use different colored pens for different activities such as purple for Yoga and green for a meeting. I tend to use colors appropriate to the season. In the summer, because it’s hot in Texas, I use cooling blues, while in the fall it’s orange and brown . That may sound a little “Type A,” but it makes organizing fun, as are sticky notes. Any other office supply dorks out there? 

Set Reminders 

Even though I don’t operate by a computer calendar, I still set reminders for specific activities, especially if they are out of the ordinary such as a dentist appointment or a class you don’t usually participate in. When the alarm goes off I’m like “What’s that noise? Oh yeah, that thing!” 

Set Time Limits 

It’s OK to scroll on social media and if you’re an entrepreneur it’s necessary to spend some time commenting on other posts and showing some love to those in your community, however, setting a time limit is a great way to hold yourself accountable so that you’re not scrolling away an hour watching funny cat videos. 15-20 minutes of scrolling is plenty of time to say hi to your friends and catch up. Please note – engagement is important in the social media world. If you’re creating reels, have thousands of followers and a lot of comments to answer, you may be spending 2 hours a day on Instagram. That is a part of your business and should be put into your calendar. I am referring to those times when you are mindlessly scrolling. 

Create a Routine

Some of you know this from meal planning strategy or my meal prep ideas

The more routine your schedule is, the easier it is to follow. 

I maintain certain activities on certain days. My personal email goes out on Monday. The Drishti email goes out on Tuesday. Any random appointments are on Wednesdays. Yoga Teacher Training is Tuesday and Thursday. Even if you do all these things regularly, you can still write them in your calendar. If you don’t want to clutter up your planner, you may choose to use a dry erase board for the standard daily functions. It’s also fun to cross items off the board and erase them all at the end of the day. Can you tell I used to manage an office? 

Set Boundaries 

I know I said that’s a whole post on it’s own, but in a nutshell, sometimes you just have to say no! 

You can’t do it all. You can’t be everything to everybody and in the process of trying, you are usually the one that suffers in the end. It’s something you’ll have to accept. 

Creating boundaries for yourself and your time is one of the best ways to maintain clarity, calm and ensure you’re showing up from an authentic place. 

What’s your biggest time management challenge?


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