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Written by Carri Uranga

September 26, 2013

Water Filter Warning!

I hesitated to even share this because I was so embarrassed and disgusted, but I really wanted to pass on this water fliter warning to others so it wouldn’t happen to them.
I am normally a very clean person and keep things (even doorknobs and I don’t even have kids) wiped down. I mean, I am the person that will get down on my hands and knees and wipe the hair up from behind the toilet…and without gloves! Ask any of the 5 studios I’ve ever cleaned at and they will tell you I’m a stickler –
baseboards don’t stand a chance!

So when I saw what I saw this morning you can imagine my disgust!

Water Filter Warning - slime

A few days ago I noticed the water in one of my water pitchers looked discolored. We have two. I thought maybe it was the lighting in the refrigerator or the water itself, but it was weird that the water in the other pitcher looked clear. I decided to wash out the pitcher and thought it had probably been a while since I changed the filter.
When I started taking the pitcher apart and rinsing it, it felt slimy like when you clean an aquarium. I realized some residue was actually coming off the inside of the pitcher. I got a paper towel and to my horror when I swiped the inside, not only did orangish-yellow slime come off the inside of the pitcher, but also black slime from the bottom of the pitcher! I was horrified! I wanted to puke and cry. I was hoping it was just carbon residue from the filter, but fear it is black mold…as in TOXIC black mold? Of course, I won’t take it to a lab to find out. Do I really want to know? I will decide whether to throw the pitcher out or bleach the hell out of it, but either way I wanted to share with all of you. In the end, if you use these water pitchers please clean them and change the filters every 3 months just like they tell you to! I would hate for someone to have the same experience and feeling that I did!

Please share this water filter warning for the health and safety of all!

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  1. Gina

    Speaking of, don’t forget to take apart & clean the lids to reusable tea & coffee mugs! Including the rubber grommet that seals the lid.


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