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Traveling Around Thailand

Traveling Around Thailand

International Travel while exciting, can be a daunting and exhausting task. Confused by different languages, bus schedules, train lines and ferry routes it’s enough to make one crumble into a ball on the sidewalk and cry especially after a long flight! Have no fear, expand your comfort zone and embrace the challenge. We’re here to help!

First things First

Get you Visa! Some travelers to Thailand need one. A US Citizen staying for less than 30 days actually does NOT need a visa, but if you plan to travel in Thailand before or after the training you will need to get one. Instead of stressing and waiting until the last minute, take care of it now. Especially since the sooner you get your visa, the sooner you can book your flight and get a better price. Please book your flight at least 1 month in advance, especially since we will be there during high season (December – April). This means book your flight either before or just after the new year. If you’re planning on an extended stay in Thailand before or after your 200 and 500 hour yoga teacher training, check out the Thailand Expat who has great tips on obtaining and even moving to Thailand (hey, you never know)!

Getting to Koh Phangan

Your flight into Thailand will more than likely take you to Bangkok. There are a few different ways you can then get to Koh Phangan.

Faster, but more expensive

Via Plane:
Take a flight from Bangkok to Koh Sumai or Surat Thani on Bangkok Airways or Thai Airlines – at the airport buy a bus/boat (ferry) ticket combo.
These can be obtained at the airport guest counter. You’ll see the counter as you come off the plane. The friendly people will guide you in the right direction.

Time consuming, but less expensive

Via Bus:
Buy a joint ticket from any travel agent in Bangkok (particularly on Kao San Road).
The bus leaves Bangkok at 1800 and you will be on Koh Phangan by noon the following day.

Via Train:
Buy a combo ticket from Bangkok train station (train/bus/boat).
The train leaves 2-3 times from Bangkok in the evening and you will be on Koh Phangan the following day.

*while the bus is almost always available any time w/o reservation, it is wise to book the train 7 days in advance.

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