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Drishti International Yoga Teacher Training

The Program

Each of our Yoga Alliance certified, 200 and 500-Hour Teacher Trainings combine your coursework and personal transformation within stunning settings such as the mountains of Italy, the beaches of Thailand or the jungles of Costa Rica.

Our innovative Yoga teacher training curriculum is led by our multi-skilled and highly experienced faculty of expert instructors that exude the values of Drishti Yoga Teacher Training:Authenticity, Inspiration, Vision, Community and Support.

Your experience will include training with Drishti Yoga teachers Sarah and Carri among other guest teachers who have many years of experience in varied disciplines such as yoga, pilates, nutrition, fitness, anatomy, philosophy, chakra studies, meditation, spirituality, energetics and personal transformation. 



new beginnings


All of our participants report profound experiences they received from the training. On a personal level, students begin to take their yoga practice off the mat and into their everyday lives; truly and authentically living their practice.

Our Yoga mat is like a mirror.

Through cultivating awareness on how we approach our asana practice or yoga poses, we can take this awareness on how we approach each and every day.

After the training, many changes occur in the students daily lives, whether it’s maintaining a regular yoga practice, daily meditation, paying more attention to nutrition or simply maneuvering life’s challenges with more consciousness.

This metamorphosis is only the beginning of an exciting and continual life journey.


On a professional level, students emerge not only being ready to teach immediately, but also with the skills to guide others on this amazing journey we call yoga. Along with support from the other students, the staff of Drishti offer assistance and encouragement transitioning from student into blossoming teacher. Students also appreciate the support they receive from Carri and Sarah even long after the training, truly creating a global yoga community.


Drishti Yoga Global Network


Drishti Yoga International strives to create a global network of yoga teachers, training centers and studios all around the world. Being aligned with the Drishti Global Newtork radiates to the world that you represent an excellence in yoga teaching standards that the yoga community has come to expect from the name Drishti Yoga Teacher Training.


Many of our students have begun creating studios, businesses, private consultation practices and even developing ideas for retreat centers all over the globe! Through traveling and teaching, Carri and Sarah have cultivated connections in exotic places such as Peru, Spain, India, Bali, Ecuador and South Africa and are happy to share their experiences and encourage participation in some of these exciting opportunities! Join the Drishti Global Network and see for yourself how you too can lead the life you’ve always dreamed of!


“I completed my 200 hour vinyasa teacher training and 100 hour of advanced teacher training with Sarah & Carri. They are extremely knowledgeable & excited about sharing their love of yoga with students. The vinyasa classes are awesome! Sarah & Carri are the best!”
– Ashley, Costa Rica & Greece Teacher Training 2014


The Result

For those who feel ready to live richer, deeper, happier lives and deal gracefully with the constant ebb and flow of daily stress, Drishti Yoga is for you. Our teachers will help you shed your self-inflicted limitations keeping you from reaching your true potential.


Enhance your life now by joining us on a Drishti Yoga Teacher Training!


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