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Yoga Teacher Training Retreats in Mexico

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico

yoga teacher training in Mexico

What an amazing month we had during our Mexico 200 hour yoga teacher training. Set in the jungle of the Pacific Coast of Mexico with fresh, delicious, vegetarian Mexican food, leafy green palms, secluded beaches and new friends made for an unforgettable experience!

We also spent an afternoon volunteering at the local community center, Entre Amigos, where we helped prepare tile for a mosaic wall for a playground they would soon be creating. The center collected recyclable materials from the town and build this recreational and educational center for the community essentially out of garbage! We knew Seva would be a factor in our training, but once we saw how the students connected with the kids we knew that somehow participating in the local community in which we were honored to be sharing was non-negotiable.

We were lucky to be there during El Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. We celebrated it by having the afternoon off so we could head into town for the parade and village festivities. Other highlights included spending a day in Sayulita. Carri was secretly glad there were no waves so she could truly relax while one of the students spent 2 hours meditating on her paddle board! We kayaked to a secluded beach, hiked through the jungle searching for avocadoes and bushwhacked our way to yet another desolate beach for a much deserved swim.

One of the students loved San Pancho so much she decided to stay a bit after the training. That “bit” turned into 6 months as she immediately started teaching Yoga and developed her own strong community. Check out her wonderful stories on her blog Bridges and Balloons.

Thank you for hosting our great adventure!

Victoria Watts, Mexico Teacher Training 2013

Victoria Watts, Mexico Teacher Training 2013

“The Mexico yoga teacher training course was incredible. I went into it wanting to deepen my yoga practice but came out as a teacher. Carri and Sarah gave me the confidence I needed to stand in front of a class. I stayed in Mexico and started teaching one week after the course finished. It really was a life-changing experience. I loved being in the jungle and being able to go deep into my yoga practice physically, mentally and spiritually. Carri and Sarah are excellent teachers and lovely people – both are fantastic yoga practitioners and wonderfully friendly. They compliment each other brilliantly. We had a lot of fun during our breaks and days off, and I’m delighted to now call them friends. I would recommend this training to anyone, and I’m looking forward to coming back to do my 500-hour training in the future.”


Photos from our Mexico yoga teacher training course