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Written by Carri Uranga

June 1, 2015

Comfort Zone

I live on the Upper East Side of NYC, lovingly referred to as the UES. I often go for weeks without leaving my neighborhood.
I work within a 10 min. walk, practice within 20 minutes and Central Park is right down the street for all my running and biking needs. We have tons of restaurants and bars around the corner from our apartment. It’s pretty ideal.
When I say I don’t like to leave my neighborhood, it’s not because I don’t like other parts of the city. Of course, there are other neighborhoods that are more vibrant and more reflective of my style. When I don’t leave my square mile it’s more about convenience, efficiency and just plain laziness. In addition to co-owning and operating Drishti Yoga Teacher Training, I also work about 30 hours a week at Athleta and volunteer 1 shift per week at a Yoga studio in exchange for unlimited, free classes which is important to me since I will easily hit up about 7 classes per week. There was a time in my life I would have never admitted to being tired, but these days I will openly say so. When someone asks me to go outside of my comfort zone and do something different, my natural inclination is to say “No” since it’s often a pain in the ass. It usually involves a long walk or a subway ride, either way it will take me an hour in addition to a lot of planning regarding clothing & food since I will more than likely be going from one thing to the next. Therefore, I just say no. This past week however I have found myself going outside of my comfort zone, saying yes quite often and while I admit I may be exhausted, I’m having a lot of fun in the process!

A week ago I was on a radio show that I have been on two other times. The other times I was asked to come over and broadcast live but I declined and Skyped in from the comfort of my own home instead. I was highly rewarded last week when I finally went in person. Not only was I able to meet up with a friend beforehand that I hadn’t seen since January, but when I arrived for the radio show I was greeted with Cava, a plethora of snacks and an evening of hospitality, it was like a party!
In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I intend to do it again.

Next up, I decided to finally go see Adam Wade at AYNY. I have been wanting to practice at this esteemed shala for years and I hadn’t seen Adam since November even though we live in the same city. This way I was able to support my friend in his teaching, take in some much needed Ashtanga Yoga, and visit a new studio all at the same time.

Since I’m all about efficiency and happened to have a rare whole entire day off, I decided to also go to Leslie Kaminoff’s Breathing Project at 26th & 5th. Leslie is a revered Yoga Anatomy teacher, has written a text book called Yoga Anatomy that many teacher trainings use (including ours) and operates the Breathing Project here in NY. They not only teach intensive anatomy courses, but also offer a free clinic weekly where viewers such as myself can observe Leslie in action with a client during a therapeutic case study. This is a unique opportunity open to the public and free! He allows students to participate by asking questions and being a part of the overall process. I have since arranged my work schedule so I can attend every Wednesday!

During this same week I had a friend completing Soul Cycle’s teacher training program. As part of her curriculum she was leading a Community Ride at the Tribeca location that was free & open by invitation while being observed for feedback. Although I had worked 11 hours that day and already taken 2 yoga classes I decided to participate. Not only did I get to support my friend in action, I got to ride with another friend and colleague while getting an incredible work out! I even for a brief moment had thoughts of considering their training, but I think I’ll leave that on the back burner for now and just enjoy the rides when I can get them in.

While I will admit all this running around the city did wear me out and in fact may have led to a seasonal allergy induced sinus complication (notice I didn’t use the word “sick”, I’ll admit to being tired, but I have to be bed ridden to admit I’m sick); I am savoring every moment, really appreciating being home in NY and taking in all the exciting opportunities this city has to offer.

Coming soon:

Underwater Spinning in Tribeca with Alumni Sarah Combs!
Power Yoga at Lyon’s Den …again in Tribeca.
Stay Tuned.

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